• Rena Chua

一步又一步 (Step by Step) 👣

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

A season of waiting. A season of taking it step by step with God. A journey of the Lord's grace, faithfulness and goodness. A journey of faith with our Abba Father.

I am definitely looking forward to share with all of you our housing journey from start to end once all these come to pass. For now, this is an attempt for me to take time and intentionally reflect on the many things that have been happening recently. ✍🏻

Throughout these few weeks, I wish I can tell you that my trust was in God 100% all the time. To be honest, there were several occasions when doubts and lies came knocking at the door. Looking back, the following have been helpful for me to denounce these doubts and lies. 1️⃣ Remembering the Word of God, 2️⃣ tracing God's faithfulness and goodness, 3️⃣ lifting our worries and concerns to the Lord and 4️⃣ journeying alongside community.

WAIT. Well, I personally do not like waiting. I am NOT a patient person at all. If only we do not have to wait. Perhaps it is in the midst of our waiting, that we have to and get to depend on God each step of the way as He guides us through this path of grace. While we are still in the midst of our season of waiting (and probably for a few more months), we give thanks that we get to do this with our gracious, faithful and good Abba Father. I was reminded this morning in my devotion that He is a God who is powerful and He is a God who cares. He is in sovereign control. Honestly, He knew that all these would happen back when we chose our BTO in 2017.

Kel and I are just so humbled and grateful for those who have been journeying and praying alongside us on this exciting but nerve-wracking adventure. As we continue to fix our eyes on the Lord, the encouragements and prayers from community have been so essential. We cannot walk this journey alone.

If you are reading this till the end, we are thankful for you as well. For journeying alongside us even if we may not know you personally.

All praise and glory to God! 🙌🏻 It is my prayer that no matter what situation we may be in or where we may be in our journey, we will always remember and depend on Him each step of the way as He leads us. We have a God who is powerful and we have a God who cares.

💕 In Him,

Rena Chua

May you be blessed by this song.


祢是我的主 引我走正義路



萬人中唯獨 祢愛我認識我




一步又一步 這是恩典之路

祢愛 祢手


一步又一步 這是盼望之路

祢愛 祢手


The Path of Grace

You are my God, guiding me on the righteous path of life

Through the hills and valleys

You're always by my side

In millions of people, You love me and know me

Your promise will never change

My whole life is a blessing


Step by step, this is the road of grace

Your love, Your hand

Will hold me close to You

Step by step, this is the road of hope

Your love, Your hand

Will guide me through my life's journey


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