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#BlessMigrantWorkers Project

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Thank you all for your generous support, be it monetary or in prayer! Kindly note that the project has ended.

From 15-30 June, Remember Thy Creator had the privilege to partner with a very special group of people close to our hearts for a special fundraising project! To put the focus on this project, there will be major changes to the website and operation of the business. All sewing items will be temporarily removed from the site during this period. Your understanding and support will be very much appreciated! 🥰

Hello, we are a group of 13 year olds from Woodlands CEFC. We are doing a community bless project called “#BlessMigrantWorkers by TNG”. This is part of a larger National Day Project Appreciation, where The Next Generation (TNG) is aiming to prepare 1000 care packs for the Migrant workers. As a CG, we are trying to raise funds to buy Vitamin C and granola bars to contribute to the care packs. We hope you can support us by buying some craft items made and designed by us.

100% of the proceeds made between 15-30 June 2021 will be solely used to purchase items for the care pack.

We seek your understanding that the quantity of hand drawn notebooks will be limited! We are also trying our best to launch more products during this period! :) As we understand you. might want to "chope" the limited items, do let us know if you would like to combine your orders to save on shipping fees!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

More about the National Day Project Appreciation

It has been more than 1.5 years since Covid-19 struck Singapore. About 600,000 migrant workers who work and live here have suffered greatly as a result of this pandemic. They continue to be under lockdown mode, only moving between their worksites and dormitories. These migrant workers miss home, their loved ones and most importantly, their freedom, as they cannot step out to parks, malls or the community. Many face mental and emotional distress as a result.

This National Day, we plan to appreciate the 1000 migrant workers adopted by CEFC, who have helped build our nation by blessing them with a care pack!


4 July 2021

Sharing our final update on #BlessMigrantWorkers Community Bless Project! After some shopping and dropping the items off in church this morning, our youth CG has concluded our #BMW Project! 👏🏻 Thank you all for your generous support! 🥰 We am beyond grateful for this opportunity to work alongside them. It has been super encouraging and heart-warming to see these young ones coming together to love our migrant brothers in very practical ways. ❤️ We give thanks to the Lord for His favor 🙌🏻

27 June 2021

Orders have been packed and mailed out :)

Sharing some behind the scene photos of the youths in action, from designing the products to packing the orders! 🤩

23 June 2021

The youths spent much time and effort designing these notebooks by hand. To match the effort and high demand, we hope to get your understanding in the increase in the price of the notebooks. Do check out the folded encouragement cards designed by one of the youths! These cards are printed on 250gsm metallic paper.

As we raise fund to bless the migrant workers, we pray that you will be blessed by our creations too!

19 June 2021

We seek your understanding that the next release will be on 23 June 2021, as time is required to design these notebooks by hand!

In the meantime, we have released another set of beautifully and thoughtfully designed bookmarks by one of our dearest youth! 😍 these bookmarks are printed on 250gsm metallic paper.

16 June 2021, 10.30am

We are so thankful for the overwhelming support given since last night. We are working to launch more products, or to bring back some of the notebooks that are out of stock. Prices for hand drawn notebooks may increase to meet the high demand! Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Let all that we do be done in love, and may the Lord be glorified!

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