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Customised Products

It is possible to customise any products found on the website. You can either (1) email us at rememberthyCreator.sg@gmail.com, (2) submit via connect with us form or (3) drop us a DM on insta/FB if there is anything you would like to explore customising :)

Fabric Collection: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArX-zVLCYREkr0CwPtT-b4aQMNuv?e=MwacXW

Woven Label Collection by By The Yard

We can also do an iron-on of a design of your choice :)

Sample :)

  • Words (e.g. name, verses, quotes): Do let us know if you have any font/ what type of font in mind!

  • Request for image (e.g. snow-capped mountain, girl with long hair):

^Do let us know if you would like to include your own picture instead. You will be updated with a sample design within 3 working days of payment received. Maximum of a two-time revision is allowed.

Looking forward to see what we can create together!

In Him,

Remember Thy Creator

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