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Updated: Aug 10

👋🏻 Hi friends, I am so thankful for this privilege to introduce a contributor, Faith, a dear sister-in-Christ, to journey with us at Remember Thy Creator! 👏🏻 She will be penning some of our reflections 📝 and creating our “Faith Series”! 💕 Rena

Hello I’m Faith 🐳

I am a secondary school student taking her O levels at the end of 2021! It has been a very tough 2 years for me. 2 years of learning and growing. Having not done well for my final examinations in 2020, I was given a second chance to study hard and score better for my final exams this year. As a teenager, I am still finding my purpose in life and my role in God's kingdom, which I am slowly figuring out 😌

I make paracord items as a hobby 🪢 I learnt how to make my first paracord bracelet in 2019 and I have loved it ever since! I enjoy the thrill of learning a new knot and being able to use that knot design to make different items for different purposes. I also think creating items is better than spending hours on my phone hahaha! Even though I'm still learning and growing in paracording, I hope that my creations will be able to bless others/you ✨ As such, I have requested to join JieJie Rena in this ministry of making handmade items and journey of remembering the God who created us 🌏

I will be making paracord keychains (which can be zip pulls) and bracelets (which can be a carabiner). Inspired by my word of the year for the past 3 years, the knot designs on my handmade items are named after these words.

2021 – Resilience

2020 – Humility

2019 – Patience

Shop here: https://www.rememberthycreator.com/faithseriesxrtc


The first time I was introduced to the practice of focusing on one word each year was back in 2019. At the start of the year, I wasn’t very happy when I was informed of who my form teachers and classmates were going to be. One of my form teacher was known to talk a lot and go off topic, taking precious time away from our lessons. As someone who gets easily irritated and frustrated, I knew this was going to be a great challenge for me. Having patience as my word of the year constantly reminded me to slow down and calm down, knowing my teacher had good intentions in sharing her stories. As such, it helped me get through the year without going crazy 😊


At the end of 2019, I did not score well for my final examinations. As someone who used to do very well in school rather easily, not doing well in school, especially for such a big examination was a wake-up call for me. In 2020, I decided to have the word humility. The humility to learn to humble myself. This meant I had to relearn how to ask for help. I had to move away from the mindset that I am good enough to figure things out myself, and learn to accept help that comes along the way. Lastly, and most importantly, I learnt to humble myself before Christ, doing the best I can and letting Him take control instead.


Having not done well for my final examinations in secondary school, I was required to retain a year. This meant new classmates, new friends, new teachers and new experiences. Being so beaten up by the events of 2020, I chose to have resilience in 2021. Despite a very exhausting half a year, I will choose to push on and be resilient in my everyday life. I will choose to let Him take control of my life. I will choose to continue living the life God has planned for me.

Just as these words – patience, humility and resilience have gotten me through the past few years, I hope that by looking at the items named after them, they will remind you of these words and give you hope each day. Here’s to a great faith journey ahead, where Faith (aka me) makes items for the faith series, while sharing with you Faith’s journey in Faith’s life and the words important to Faith in growing her faith.

♡, Faith 🦆

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