• Rena Chua

Mark 1:11

My Youth CG's co-leader asked the youths the past Sunday, "Do you all have an anchor verse?" That got me thinking.


Mark 1:11.

A verse that I hold close to my heart.

A verse that reminds me of the Father's unconditional love.

A verse that grounds me in truth when the evil one tries to attack my weakest spot.

I grew up being very insecure about myself. I felt like I always had to meet the expectations of the people around me to earn their approval and love. Achievements became an important part of my identity. Well, this worldview has definitely affected how I saw God's love for me. I've noticed a tendency where I will hide from God when I feel like I am not good enough because of what I did or did not do.

It is to be noted that when this voice came from heaven, Jesus has not started His ministry yet. God loves us because we are His children, and not based on what we have done for Him. It is an unconditional love. A love that wants to have a relationship with us, and to do so, it is a love that desires for us to be right before Him. That means accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour for the forgiveness of our sins and as we grow in our Christian discipleship, to obey His Word and grow into Christlikeness. Obeying not because we need to "do certain things" to earn God's love, but obeying because we love Him and desire to know Him and make Him known.

Spending time in His truth is foundational. There is a difference.

I remember once when I was struggling internally, His truth from Mark 1:11, the verse I memorised at the start of the 2020 came to mind. I heard my good good Father whisper, “It is not what you have done, or can do. You are my beloved daughter, with you I am well pleased”. His truth replaces the lies in my head.

I have to admit that I am still struggling in the area of achievement-based identity. However, as shared in my previous post, I have learnt one of my biggest life lesson on love in 2020.

Love is not about the one being loved, but the lover. The lover who continues to love despite what I did or did not do. The lover who chooses to love and embrace me. It is an unconditional love. I am thankful for the change in perspective from me to the lover. As I come to know the heart of my Ultimate Lover, there is really nothing I can do to make Him love me more or less. It is not my doing, but my being. He loves me because I am His daughter, not because of what I have done, or can do for Him. Because of who He is, I am worthy to be loved.

Because of who my Unconditional Lover is, I want to know Him more, and make Him known.

In His Name,


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