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One Month

It has been a month since Remember Thy Creator (RTC) was registered as a sole proprietorship with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). It has been a month of rushing order to order. However, it has been a month of God's blessings and faithfulness.

As the crazy year of 2020 ends, and a new year of 2021 starts, we just want to take some time to recount how He has brought us on this exciting journey to where we are today.


A quick rewind to 23 August 2020 when I, Rena was seeking the Lord for what I should be doing after a year of IDMCi. To cut the long story short, after much personal reflection and communal guidance, I was led to starting RTC. A more detailed journey can be found under the blog post "Our Story".

Since mid October, we excitedly started preparing for business. Designing logos, doing research on products, exploring various selling platforms, and finding out whether there is a need for us to register the business with ACRA (1). To be frank, there were many confusion and doubts along the way, wondering if this was something we should dip our toes into.

Finance was our biggest concern in starting up this business. Besides the fees to register the business, renting a virtual office space, there was the subscription to WIX as a selling platform. These adds up. While the cheaper options include selling on Instagram, Carousell, etc, we wanted a blogging platform for us to share our God-given stories. Remember Thy Creator is first and foremost a platform for me to remember my own Creator. As such, WIX was the better option for us. Honestly, we entertained the thought of not registering with ACRA, at least maybe for the first month or so. Unhelpful thoughts such as "but most home businesses are not registered.. let us try for a month to test the market.. what if, we cannot make back the money..." came to mind, but we knew it was not right. We knew our hearts will never be at peace if we were to make such decisions, especially when we are bearing God's image.

We have to say though, our plans were different from the Lord's plans. Graduating from IDMCi only on 13 December, we planned to start slow with the business. Okay, plus procrastination 😝 Things escalated beyond our imagination from end November. A good friend knew about the plans for RTC, and asked if she could buy mask holders as Christmas gifts. As such, we started preparing the order, and conveniently started taking product photos of the mask holders. On 1 December 2020, I gave my mom a mask holder, and she asked if I was selling them. My reply was "kinda?". Before we knew it, she wanted to do direct sales for us (without commission or salary!) and we started rushing orders to orders! The first sales was scheduled to start on 3 December, and by then we were anxious as we had yet to register the business even though we had done the research. However, we knew we had to do things right. Thank God that every paper work that needed to be done was approved on 1 December itself!

He is our Provider. All glory to Him who has blessed us with various orders, many whom we do not know personally. It is only by God's grace and strength that we were able to fulfil all these orders. A big thank you to each and single one of you for the support you have given to us in our very first month! We are glad to share that not only did the Lord provided for all the business expenses within our first two weeks, He has graciously given us more than we expected. All glory to Him and Him alone!


We are still a one-man ministry, but we are just so so grateful for the help and support from various loved ones along the way. Beyond the products, we hope to blog more frequently on our website in 2021. While we have no idea what exactly lies ahead, but we know that we want to be where our Big Boss leads, and we are so excited to have you alongside us in this journey, no matter whether you make any purchase. We give thanks for each and every one of you 😊

Thank you for taking time to read! Please feel free to connect with me if there is anyway I can be praying or journeying with you. Blessed 2021 to all of you! May the Lord bring you to an exciting adventure, one that shows of His faithfulness and His glory! May the year be filled with His goodness and His presence!

In Christ, Remember Thy Creator <3


(1) After confirming with both Housing Development Board (HDB) and ACRA, while there is no need for us to register the home-based business with HDB under Home-Based Small Scale Business Scheme, we would still have to register the business with ACRA as long as we are not running this under Rena's full NRIC name. However, the added challenge was that we were not able to register a business with ACRA with a HDB Residential Address. As such, we had to explore renting a virtual office space, which, when checked with an ACRA Officer, was permitted for use to register the business.

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