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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Hi, I am Rena, a beloved daughter of my good good Father.

Remember Thy Creator was birthed out of that exact same crazy year that I set aside to pursue God. At the end of 2019, I quit my job as a Social Worker to take a one year programme at Intentional Discipleship Making Church Institute (IDMCi).

While 2020 may go down as one of the most horrible year for many, it was the best and most precious year of my life. It was the year I really knew my Creator and my Abba Father. It was the year of just spending time with my Ultimate Lover. As I abided in Him, He began a new work in me. This is my personal life vision. I pray that I can live a life that knows and loves my Abba Father. In so doing, that others will come to know and love Him. It is my desire that the generations will know God and live according to the fear of the Lord.

So what has this got to do with Remember Thy Creator?

2020 was also the year I finally learnt how to sew after many years of wanting to do so. Although it started out as a hobby, I really enjoy creating, be it sewing or designing.

Since young, I always wanted to be a homemaker (okay, maybe "tai-tai" 😝). The Next Generation (TNG) and Mentoring are things close to my heart. Ministry at home was never a far away thought. Besides caring for my own family, I used to imagine discipling a small group of young people in my home.

As I took time to seek the Lord on what's next, He deposited a vision in my heart. Remember Thy Creator is a platform first and foremost for myself to remember My Creator as I continue to create. It is also a longer term plan when I eventually do "retire" to focus on ministry at home. If God willing, it is my hope that few years from now, Remember Thy Creator can evolve to being a community for Christian Creators where we enjoy creating and journey together in reflecting our Creator's image more and more.

I am very much still a work in progress. While I do not know exactly which group (young people, homemakers, or creators) God has in store for my ministry at home in the future, but I know that as I continue to abide in Christ and follow His plan, His plan is always for my good.

Thank you for reading and being part of my exciting journey! Please feel free to connect with me if there is anyway I can be praying or be journeying with you. It is always encouraging to hear how our good good Father is at work in our life. Let us spur each other on and fix our eyes on our Creator! God bless 🙂

In Christ, Rena <3

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