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Reflections from 1 June 2021

It has been two years since we said our vows. So much in the world has changed, so many things have happened, but I am thankful for the two anchors ⚓ that remained. God and Kel.

In the first year of marriage, my biggest take-aways were God's Love and biblical headship & submission. In the second year of marriage, my understanding of love continues to grow, and oh, how we have tasted and seen the Lord's grace and providence!

1 June 2019

Deeper Understanding of Love

I once read a love advice that goes like this. Find someone who you can substitute "love" with their name in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. It goes something like this.

It probably isn't the best advice out there, because well, Kel would definitely not have chosen me if that was the case! 😂 Instead, verses 4-7 is a practical demonstration of love. While I am thankful that Kel has modelled for me what it is like to love someone, I am also grateful for the chance to grow in love (hopefully not just head knowledge, but also practical application).


Music helps us to express our emotions and thoughts when we cannot find the words to do so.

It is Grace that holds our marriage. 💕

It is grace that holds me close. 💕

It is Grace that allows us to stand before Him and to stand by each other. 💕


While in my head, I know the Lord is our provider, but I gotta be honest, there were times when deep in my heart, there is (some) doubt. Yet, He showed us time and time again in our second year of marriage, that He is indeed our Provider! 🥰 He has not just provided for us, but blessed us with more than what we could imagine, and in His perfect timing. 🕛 Each and every provision, big or small gives us the wonderful opportunity to share of His faithfulness and goodness!

Words cannot express how thankful I am. Besides supporting my desire of "retiring at 30" (read, becoming homemaker), Kel has graciously released me to pursue the Lord last year, and that meant one income less for an entire year. 💸 In addition, there was no pressure for me to start work right away when lessons ended. Instead, Kel supported me in every step as the Lord led. I know for sure, that I am where the Lord wants me to partner Him in this season of my life. This is only possible by the providence of the two anchors in my life.

As mentioned last year,

What have I done to deserve this man? Nothing. Honestly, I do not deserve Kel at all. It is very much by God's grace that He has given me this wonderful man as a husband, one who loves me deeply. By His grace, may He continue to sustain us in this marriage. 💒

What have we done to deserve God? Nothing. Honestly, we do not deserve God at all. It is very much by God's grace that He has forgiven our sins and called us to be His very own. He is one who loves us deeply. By His grace, may He help us to finish this race on earth well. 🏃🏻

Thank You, Jesus.

As we grow closer to our Creator and our Lover, may we grow closer to each other. ❤️ It has been a humbling two year journey.

In Him,

Rena Chua

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