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Reflections on Psalm 119

Psalm 119, the longest chapter of the Bible (176 verses), and found almost in the centre of the Bible. It is a Hebrew acrostic, containing of 22 stanzas, with each stanza begins with the Hebrew alphabets in alphabetical order.

Psalm 119, a Psalm that I reflected on in preparation for my Everyday Theology class. As I went back to sit in for this year's class, I took the chance to look back at my notes, and here I found this.

Psalms 119:1-112

The theme that runs across the various stanzas was “God’s commands”. I am reminded of two things that have been on my mind, wisdom and obedience to the Word of God. As I was reflecting on wisdom, true wisdom is divine wisdom and not human wisdom. The fear of the Lord is related to knowing His commands and following His instructions, “according to what the Lord has commanded.” His instructions are good, always true and it gives joy and life. He guides me through His Word to live in an efficacious manner.

There is an element of grace and work in understanding His wisdom. I need His help to teach me His decrees so that I can understand. When I humbly seek Him, He will reveal Himself to me. However, I need to choose His Word, and choose to obey Him. In addition, it also involves hiding His Word in my heart, studying His commandments and reflecting on His way. By His grace, may the Spirit lead me in His way and may I be sensitive to His instructions and also the courage to do “according to what the Lord has commanded”.

Psalms 119:113-176

I caught three things from these stanzas:

  1. Faithful living even in the midst of people who do not follow the Lord. Faithful living demands obedience to His commandments.

  2. Aligning myself to the Lord though His Word so that it is no longer I have to obey, but that I want to obey.

  3. I want to obey because His Word is always perfect, true and complete. I can truly live (in this world & beyond) because of His Word!

As a young person, I know the struggles are real. Honestly, it is easier to "fall out" of Church and blend in to the World. The social acceptance and the self-pleasure can be enticing. Following Jesus is difficult. Knowing Him is challenging. But, it is fundamental. It is the ultimate reality.

My God, My God, by Your grace, will You keep me close to You, and lead me in Your ways. Will You help me know You, and make You known.

In Christ,

Rena Chua

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