• Rena Chua

So it’s Good Friday.

So it’s Good Friday.

To be frank, the past few weeks have been so busy that today feels like any other day. Another Friday, another holiday, another Good Friday.

When life gets busy, my capacity drops, my mind gets distracted. But I am thankful, thankful for this platform that focuses my eyes back on not just my Creator, but my Saviour.

My Saviour, who changed the world 2000 years ago.

My Saviour, who sacrificed His own life for my sins.

My Saviour, who resurrected on Easter Sunday.

This morning, I found a prayer letter I wrote to myself on 24 March 2020,

You are Lord, You are God. You are who You say You are. You are merciful, gracious, faithful, abounding in steadfast love, holy, righteous, wise, jealous and a powerful God.

You chose to love me even though my sinful nature is against Your holy and righteous nature.

You chose to not give up on me when many times I gave up on myself and strayed away from You.

Lord, help me to see that it’s not just another Friday, not just another holiday, not just another Good Friday. Help me to see that it is a day to remember what my Saviour had done on that cross. May it be a day where many will come to know You as their personal Lord and Saviour.

In Christ,

Rena Chua

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